2 Feb 2015 - Shape Chair Seat


frontpage "Scooping out the Pub Seat" A jig to create a curve in the seat.

To create the shape in the seat and make it more comfortable for sitting, I created a jig. I went through several options and finally settled on a router jig I found on finewoodworking.com. As a member, I have assess to the pattern at http://www.finewoodworking.com/workshop/tip/shape-chair-seats-with-a-router.aspx It required a base to put the seat blank in with sled-like guides on the side to create a raised back on the seat. Then a base plate for the router to run along a second sled guide to create the raised side and deep center. I then used a bowl router bit to slowly plunge down and scoop out the seat. I must admit it required a lot of sanding to smooth out the seat, but it gave me a great start.