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13 September 2013

13 Sep 2013 Frog Shop Make-over Part 6

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Three days later, the Walter Meier Group shipped my brand new Jet XACTASAW Deluxe Table Saw, and four days after shipping it arrived in my new garage. When the guys pulled the saw out of the truck on a small fork lift, it was completely covered in cardboard and shrink-wrap. There was no way to determine the front of the saw. The delivery men placed the saw perfectly on my mark. Then the two nice delivery men and their fork lift were gone.

Just like a kid with a new toy, I desperately wanted to see it and make it go! I started unwrapping as quickly as I could. It didn't take long to determine that the saw was facing the wrong way. Dang – this very large cast-iron-top saw was not going to be easy to move; my best hope was that my very strong 17 year old son, and I could move it 180 degrees. He was at work so I would just have to wait. I continued unwrapping and putting pieces together, but moving that heavy saw was in the back of my mind. When it was all unwrapped, I still had about three hours before my son got home. I wondered if I could lift any part of it. I knew I couldn't really move it myself but ... what could I do? I couldn't stand it anymore so with all my effort I heaved one side, and it came up off the ground ever so slightly. There was hope. If I alone could lift one side then with the help of my son, I was sure we could get it off the pallet and turned around. Armed with this exciting information, I went to the other side to see if I could lift it as well. I heaved again and nothing happened, with every bit of my strength I couldn't budge it. What? Was one side heavier than the other? I opened it up and confirmed what I already knew – the motor was almost squarely in the center. There didn't appear to be anything more on that side. Weird. I tried several more times with no success. I even called Jules out to take a look. She wanted to see what would happen if both of us tried. The two of us with every grunt and grown could not budge that side of the saw. What the heck? We scratched our heads thinking we'd have to get all our neighbors at the same time to move this massive saw. Check next week to see how I got my saw turned around.

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