Wednesday, July 26, 2017

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frontpage “Hickory Sofa Server" 12" Hickory Furniture for Cabin.

This cool asset to the cabin is made of hickory. This is a great little piece that sit under the edge of the sofa. It is a great place to set a computer or a cup of hot chocolate. I used a pattern from a May 2013 issu of Wood Magazine. I adapted it slightly and added the inlay that matches the other hickoy furniture in the cabin. It was a quick project built in one day. I finished it with a polyeurathan blend with boiled linseed oil and mineral spirits. Making the brace under the table very strong is critical to this build. 

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frontpage "Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker"Hickory & Walunt Stereo Speaker.

Over my Christmas break I built this 18x8x6" stereo speaker from Hickory & Walnut. I built it with hickory to match the other furniture in the cabin. I used mittered corners in the walnut with 3/16" hickory splines for strength and appearance. I screwed on a piece of clear plexiglass for the back so I could see the components and easily get to them if a repair was required. I used a lot of hot glue and epoxy to secure the parts inside. 

After watcing dozens of Youtube video, I figured out exactly what I needed to buy to put together a bluetooth capable speaker with a rechargable battery. I did a test and it all worked out perfectly. It sounds great in the cabin and it will be perfect for listening to tunes both inside and outside.

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frontpage “New JET Tool" 12" Sliding Compound Miter Saw.

I finally got a new miter saw. I purchased it with money I earned from my recent box shelves build. This will be a perfect addition to my new shop when it is finished this Spring at the cabin. This saw is awesome, and perfect for breaking down long stock. I need to do a bit of tuning before it will be good for final crosscuts. I love to get new tools. I have a couple more small builds coming up so look for more smaller tools soon. 



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frontpage “Building Shelves” Plywood Shelves for a Customer.

I finished up this project just after Thanksgiving and delivered all fifteen boxes. It was a simple but time consuming project, but my customer was quite happy and managed to get the shelves filled up right after I delivered them. I built an entire wall full of box shelves from birch plywood for a customer to use a display case in her front room. They are stained a dark Java from General Finishes, and they are made in fifteen seperate boxes in two different sizes. They will be stacked so they alternate sizes to stablize the cases. 

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