Friday, October 30, 2020

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frontpage “Butcher Block Table" Maple & Walnut

I just finished this rustic Butcher Block Kitchen Island. It was a custom build designed and constructed to my customer’s exact specifications. It was sized specifically for my customer’s kitchen space and designed to be a full-functional butcher block cutting surface. It was glued-up with 2” stripes of 8/4 maple accented with walnut for the chess-board and the bottom stretcher. It is also built to be transportable. It is built in four separate pieces easily constructed with two pins to hold the center stretcher in place. The extremely heavy and stable top is set on the trestle style legs and held in place with four 5/8” metal dowels.

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frontpage “Tea Box" Walnut & Hickory

I spent this past weekend working on yet another project for the cabin. It was small in comparison to most of the cabin projects approximately 16" x 12" x 5". It's a little tea storage box made from some leftover materials. There are a few flaws in the walnut case because I didn't have enough material to cut it out. It still looks okay.

It is pretty simple and it didn't take long. The walnut case has mitered corners with hickory splines in the corners. Unfortunately, the splines are barely visible. The drawer is made of hickory and runs on thin wooden rails--waxed to reduce friction. I tried to get a really nice drawer fitting but dang that is hard--it works but it is not a piston fit as I'd like. I used some thin oak lumber I had to make the dividers on the inside. I was seeing how creative I could be without using any new lumber. 

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frontpage “Woodworking during Quarantine" Corona Carriers

When a woodworker is quarantined she builds a Corona case -- It's a carrier. I used a bunch of scraps and a few strips of exotic wood to make these unique craft beer carrying cases. A quick order from Amazon for bottle openers, a little lacquer, and boom - a dozen cases. It was a fun easy project that kept me busy all weekend. Follow the Read More link below to see closeups of some of the cases. Stay tuned to see what's next on the quarantine to-do list. 

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frontpage “Air Filtration" Making the Shop Safer

This past weekend, Jules and I hung a new Air Filtration system in the shop. The purpose is to clean more air to make it safer for us to work in the shop. It has the added benefit of reducing dust particles when it comes to finishing time. It is actually pretty quiet so it can run while I'm working. It has three speeds and a timer to allow it to be left on when I'm finished working at the end of the day. It was quite a challenge to get it on the ceiling but a few ratchet straps helped us hold it while I bolted it to some 2x6s I secured to studs

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