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22 November 2013

22 Nov 2013 Mobile Wood Storage

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To build this storage rack I first built the internal frames which required about 8 – 2X4s. Since I made mine smaller I only used three center frame sections. If you opened up the pattern you can see it uses lap joints. That creates some really nice joinery, and if you want to practice a new technique then you should use it. If you just want to build this project quickly and get it filled up with wood, then you can do what I did and just screw the fame together. I put an approximate 100 degree angle on the side for the sheet goods. After the frames were built, I used ¾" stock and plywood to connect the frames. I just used some 2x2s to screw in dividers for the bins. I put 3" casters on base reinforced in 2X4s for easy movement. It holds a bunch of wood and saves a whole lot of space and clutter in the shop.

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