Thursday, July 16, 2020

15 Nov 2013 Finishing Dilemma

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There are literally hundreds of combinations, and I have been totally overwhelmed and thoroughly confused by them. While I'm confident my go-to option is not always the best, it works perfectly most of the time. I've simplified most of projects to one stain and one finish option. For staining, I turn almost exclusively to gel stains. They go on easily and the color is consistent on almost every type of wood. I use General Finishes, but I've heard Old Masters makes a great product as well. For finishing, I rely heavily on a home-made wiping varnish. I find it easy to apply – no runs or brush marks. It requires several light coats, but it builds up evenly and looks great. I usually make my own; it is cheaper and just as good as anything I could purchase. I use 1 part Boiled Linseed Oil (BLO), 1 part Polyurethane (Minwax from the home store), and 1 part mineral spirits. Wipe on a light coat with a mineral-spirit soaked lint-free cloth, let it dry thoroughly, and repeat until you get the build-up you desire.

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