Tuesday, October 04, 2022

7 Feb 2014 – Trip to the Lumberyard

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I have finally started remember to bring gloves after removing splinters after every trip. I just leave an extra pair in the truck. It is almost impossible to handle very much wood and not get splinters. I also leave a tape measure in the truck. It’s a cheap little plastic thing, but all you need is rough estimates of board width and length. Depending on the stock, there could be a variety of lengths and the widths. Chalk is not a bad idea to mark off estimated lengths if you are cutting it really close. I usually don’t do that, but to be really efficient that helps a lot. Some folks recommend a calculator or at least have one on your phone, because hardwood is sold by the board foot. I usually have an idea of how much it will be when I head to the store but there are times I like to make sure I’m getting the right amount. Link to board foot calculator. 

Wood is not cheap so you want to get it back without damaging it or your vehicle. I have a truck, so it is a little easier to haul wood, but if you're putting it on top of a car or SUV make sure you are securing it properly. You might even consider having the lumberyard break down some of the larger pieces to make it easier and safer. Moving blankets or old bedding work well to protect the wood while you’re moving it. I usually purchase rough sawn wood that I’m going to surface so it doesn’t matter too much if they bump into each other a bit. I’m of the opinion, that like clamps, you can’t have too many bungees or tie-down options. If heavy materials shift around they can fall out of or off of your vehicle and damage it or someone else so secure the materials well. I tend to over secure, but that’s better that than the alternative. Finally, put a caution flag on the end of the boards especially if it extends past the length of the vehicle. Other drivers don’t pay much attention so you have to be obvious. With a little prep work and the right equipment the lumberyard can be an easy and fun experience. I truly love going to the lumberyard. I can’t help but covet all that beautiful wood even if I can only drive away with a few board feet for myself.

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