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19 July 2013

19 Jul 2013 Make-Over Part 2

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I started moving things around. Jules was out of town so I had all three car slots, and I began moving items out of the shop into the third spot. Before the day was over nearly 9 hours, I had pretty much cleared most of the stuff out that didn't belong, and posted countless old items on craigslist (made nearly $400). I was filthy and exhausted, but the shop looked much better. Only one problem, Jules would want to park the Jeep in the garage again one day. Dang it! I had been saving all the profits from my recent builds for a new table saw a full-sized cabinet saw and my heart was set on it, but it wasn't going to fit if I didn't come up with something, so I diverted the money to purchase a shed. I'm not good at shopping around for good deals and best values, so I drove to the Tuff Shed dealer the next day. I went in, sat down with the salesman, and 15 minutes later I had me a shed – well almost. Of course they were backed up, and I was going to have to wait about 6 weeks.

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