Tuesday, June 18, 2024

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frontpage "Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker"Hickory & Walunt Stereo Speaker.

Over my Christmas break I built this 18x8x6" stereo speaker from Hickory & Walnut. I built it with hickory to match the other furniture in the cabin. I used mittered corners in the walnut with 3/16" hickory splines for strength and appearance. I screwed on a piece of clear plexiglass for the back so I could see the components and easily get to them if a repair was required. I used a lot of hot glue and epoxy to secure the parts inside. 

After watcing dozens of Youtube video, I figured out exactly what I needed to buy to put together a bluetooth capable speaker with a rechargable battery. I did a test and it all worked out perfectly. It sounds great in the cabin and it will be perfect for listening to tunes both inside and outside.

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frontpage “Ash & Walnut Child's Table” Fun making tiny furniture.

Over the past few weeks I've been working on projects for a show at Jemez Springs Community Art Gallery. I started with a child's Table and Chair. I made one from white and this one shown her from Ash and Walnut.

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frontpage “Military Display Table" Walnut Table with Glass Cover.

I made this craftsman style display case for a friend's husband. It has space in the upper left corner for the flag he received upon retirement for his years of dedicated service. All his military medals and memorabilia will be displayed proudly in this beautiful walnut table. The mitered corners are secured with a small ash spline to give this classy project just little bit more character. I also built a smaller version -- just a case to be hung on the wall for another Air Force friend retiring this fall. 

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frontpage "FroggyBuilder's Child's Chair" Froggy's modification of a child's chair.

My most recent project was the modification of a child’s chair I found online. This was a prototype for a future project that will include two child’s chairs and a small table with inlays. I’m thinking ash and walnut with mahogany inlay. I’ll likely chose some other woods as well.

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