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02 August 2013

2 Aug 2013 Frog Shop Make-Over Part 3

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There was a two inch difference from the NE corner to the SW corner. They had all the materials unpacked and the floor constructed, but they would not wait 15 minutes until my two teenage boys shoveled some gravel. They insisted on rescheduling for the following week. So I made them pack it all back in the truck – which took almost an hour.

I won't lie and say I rarely get mad – it's true I sometimes get pretty angry; this was one of those times. They wasted an hour to save 15 minutes. I have to be honest; I almost let that derail the entire Make-Over Operation and the plan for a full-time business. I came to my senses and the following weekend I quickly moved two inches of gravel, and it was perfect. Let them try not to put it up now! They showed up early and about 3 hours later I had a shed. I was planning to wait until the following day to move the stuff out of the garage -- it was already over 90 degrees, but I couldn't wait. I started hauling things to the shed. With the help of my very strong 15 year old son everything was moved out of the garage and stored very neatly in my new shed before dark.

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