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25 April 2019

24 Apr 2019 Oak Kitchen Buffet

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First, you see the Sketchup model I created to use as a pattern. I made a few adjustments along the way but mostly it’s what I originally designed. Next, you see the large top. It’s 72”X24” jointed from 5/4 stock. I also joined the two shelves. Not quite as big but still three large glue ups. I put my card scraper to good use on this project. The next image is the side. The legs are jointed 8/4 board to make 2 1/2" squares. The side rails and slats are made of 4/4 oak. The bottom rail has a slight Greene and Greene style curve with a through-tenon for the bottom shelf. The slats have an inlay made of padauk, mahogany, and maple. Finally, you’ll see the breadboard ends with pegs and padauk splines. I wrote an article a couple of weeks ago on the breadboard ends. Check it out if you’d like to know how I built them.




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