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19 July 2014 - Flat, Straight & Square

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Step 4: The table saw is the best tool for the final edge. Cut the second edge parallel to the first and square to the face surfaces. Make the ripcut with the first flat, straight edge snug against the rip-fence. If you want a really smother edge, cut the board a little wide and then edge joint it to the final width.

Step 5: With two faces and two edges of the board flat, straight and square to each other, you can cut the board to length. First trim one end to make sure it's square use your table saw miter for this. Then, measuring from the trimmed and squared end to mark the final length. Crosscut the second end at the marked line. The board is prefect--flat, straight and square and ready to go into in great project.

Hint: Mark each side after you have jointed, planed or ripped so you don't lose track of your flat, straight edges.

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