Monday, February 18, 2019

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frontpage “Exotic Wood Bookmarks" Beautiful strips of exotic wood make up these bookmarks.

Cutting the very thin strips was tricky and I had a very serious kickback. I have two recommendations to avoid the problem: 1. use a new zero clearance throat plate in the saw so there will be less chance of the thin piece sliding down and kicking back & 2. use feather board to help hold the piece next to the sacrificial fence. 

I used left over padauk, purple heart, wenge, walnut, maple and mahogany from other projects to make the strips. It was an idea I saw when I was selling books in Denver.

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frontpage “Hickory Bookshelf” Another new piece for the cabin.

This is another in my collection of hickory furniture for the cabin. I still need to make shelves and contect the top. I'll also need to put on a few coats of varnish. I designed this myself to match the futon. I plan to build the shelves with slats to match the sides. 

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frontpage “Making Little Boxes” Using all my scrap wood to make little boxes.

I spent the weekend building little boxes from left over wood I had in the shop--lots of scrap wood. I used Doug Stowe's "Basic Box Making" book from Tauton Press as a guide to build these boxes. They are very simple mitered-corner boxes with a 1/4" plywood bottom and two small spline keys near the top. The lid is a contrasting wood that match the keys, and it is cut on a 12 degree bevel. The first thing I did was square up and cut all the stock to the right dimensions. The sides are 2 1/4" tall and 3 1/2" square. The width of the wood is 3/8". I used both the bandsaw and the table saw to cut the wood to the right width. I made several jigs to make the batch process easier and faster. 

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