Monday, February 18, 2019

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frontpage “Hickory & Walnut Kitchen Buffet"

With Barn Door Style Hardware.

My next project will be this kitchen buffet for the cabin. It will provide us with precious storage for kitchen items. Based on the SketchUp image displayed to the left, I plan to make the lighter color hickory and the darker color walnut to match the theme of all the other furniture I've built for the cabin. I had hoped to use a live edge piece for the top to match our kitchen bar, but a slab that large is way too expensive. I may use the Jimmy DiResta style I used for the dining room table to bring the pieces all together. Stay tuned as this project develops. I'll have plans available in the next few weeks as I complete the project.

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frontpage “Fun Project” For my great nephew.

I took a little time from all my cabin projects and made this little measuring stick for my little nephew. Now Grandpa Jack can keep track of how fast he grows. I used a piece of 6" wide pine and cut a bevel on one side. Then I cut strips with a 1/4" straight bit in the router. I used padack to fill the strips. And my wood burner finished it all off.

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frontpage “Hickory & Walnut Kitchen Buffet” Barn Door Slides.

I started building this kitchen buffet with barn door style slides after I saw a similar picture on Instagram. I drew up some plans in Sketch-Up and made it fit the space I had available in the cabin. This project took a long time because I moved the shop in the middle of the build.

I built the frame out of hickory and walnut using a frame and panel for the sides and doors. I used mostly floating tenons for the joinery since I just build my horizontal mortising machine. It made cutting the mortises super easy and the joints are very strong.

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frontpage “Jewelry Box" 12" Maple & Mahogany Jewelry.

I built this miter & spline jewelry box for a customer. She wanted a long thin box to store her native American handcrafted bracelets. It makes a beautiful display case for the turquoise jewelry. I used mahogany for the base and maple for the top, the spline & the base. I planed the mahogany down to 3/8ths inch and lined the box with 1/4 inch maple. 

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