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27 December 2013

27 Dec 2013 BE CAREFUL!

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Finally, that deadline to get your project finished pushes you harder and faster than you should go. Like all the other articles and blogs, you've read a million times, I'll say it again here. You can't lose focus on the single task you are working on when it comes to power tools. Sometimes all that happens is you get a friendly reminder from the woodworking gods that you should slow down, and you have to go in and have your spouse remove the plank that was rammed into your hand when the router table kicked the board back into your hand. Heed that warning because next time it could be so much worse. There is no list, other task or deadline worth major or even minor injury.

I recently had one of those experiences or I wouldn't have brought it up. I was working with my new table saw, and I had a relatively small piece of wood kick back and slam into my left hand. I will have a pretty good blood blister under the nail of my index finger for a long time. It was enough to slow me down. BE CAREFUL out there.

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