Tuesday, June 18, 2024

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frontpage “Breadboard Ends" 31 Mar 2019

I just finished a pretty major project with breadboard ends so I did some research. There are a number of ways to create this unique feature for table tops or in my case a kitchen buffet. Breadboard ends aren’t just a cool design feature; turns out they have the added benefit of helping to keep a panel straight--they help prevent glued-up panels from cupping. For my kitchen buffet, I also used some splines (a little Greene and Greene touch) as a feature on my breadboard ends.

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frontpage "Being your Best Woodworker"

When I first started woodworking I got frustrated by my inability to be precise and with that, there were several flaws in my projects. Often they were minor and only I could see them, but they were still there and they could’ve been avoided. In this blog, I’ll provide a few tips I’ve learned to make a good project GREAT.



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frontpage “FroggyBuilder at Craft Fair" 8 Dec 2018

St. Francis Episcopal Church, 2903 Cabezon Blvd. SE, Rio Rancho, NM

Just a few miles from Albuquerque. Come and pick up a handmade gift for someone special. Great wooden gifts for friends or family. There's still time to make a special request. 

I look forward to seeing you there! 

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frontpage “Red Oak Table” Using Pore Filler.

For this project, I tried a technique I’d never used before. I used pore filler to fill the deep wood grain of the oak table top. I saw April Wilkerson use it on an oak desk she built, and it looked amazing. Check out her project  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1q6jBO-ZByw. She uses a different building style than I do, but she builds fun projects. Plus, I always find inspiration from watching YouTube woodworkers/makers.

When I decided to use red oak to build the table, I was concerned about the deep pores in oak. As stated in Woodsmith magazine, “No amount of planing, scraping, and sanding can change the fact that wood is a porous material” (Understanding 46). I hadn’t given much thought to a solution until I saw April’s video. She used a water-based product and that’s a good option, but I normally use oil-based and oil gives you more working time, so I did some research and found a good option from Old Masters (link below). “…they can be either oil or water based. But regardless of the name, these products all contain three basic ingredients: a binder, a bulking agent, and a solvent” (Understanding 46).

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