Wednesday, April 01, 2020

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frontpage "The Shop Remodel" Making the best of my small space.

In Sep 2008, I retired in Utah from the Air Force after 20 years of moving around the world. By Dec I had landed a new job in New Mexico, and by February we were living in a small apartment in Albuquerque. After what seemed like forever, we found the perfect home for us, and it just so happened to have a three-car garage. I was pretty excited because that meant my shop tools could have a permanent home, and I could have a small work space. I could even pull the truck out and have more space when the project called for it – or so I thought.

After we finished the walk-through and the keys were ours, I decided to pull the truck in to see how it looked in its new home. It didn't fit – I even backed it in all the way to the wall – still no good. What?!? This is New Mexico, they drive trucks here – are you kidding me! Well the only solution to this problem was to create a woodworking shop. I immediate identified the positive side of this situation.

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frontpage “Levels of Woodworkers” When do you transition from hobbyist to craftsman?

I have always liked my heroes to be humble. Because I view humility as a great quality, I found it difficult to call myself a craftsman even after I had spent most of my life playing with wood. After I retired and put together a reasonable shop in my garage, I began dreaming of the day I could make a living in the shop; so I started a little LLC and started taking customers. When people would call and ask me to build something I wasn't 100% sure of I would often say, "I'm just a hobbyist..." After about another year, I finally stopped calling myself a hobbyist.

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