Friday, October 30, 2020

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frontpage “FroggyBuilder at Craft Fair" 8 Dec 2018

St. Francis Episcopal Church, 2903 Cabezon Blvd. SE, Rio Rancho, NM

Just a few miles from Albuquerque. Come and pick up a handmade gift for someone special. Great wooden gifts for friends or family. There's still time to make a special request. 

I look forward to seeing you there! 

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frontpage “Red Oak Table” Using Pore Filler.

For this project, I tried a technique I’d never used before. I used pore filler to fill the deep wood grain of the oak table top. I saw April Wilkerson use it on an oak desk she built, and it looked amazing. Check out her project She uses a different building style than I do, but she builds fun projects. Plus, I always find inspiration from watching YouTube woodworkers/makers.

When I decided to use red oak to build the table, I was concerned about the deep pores in oak. As stated in Woodsmith magazine, “No amount of planing, scraping, and sanding can change the fact that wood is a porous material” (Understanding 46). I hadn’t given much thought to a solution until I saw April’s video. She used a water-based product and that’s a good option, but I normally use oil-based and oil gives you more working time, so I did some research and found a good option from Old Masters (link below). “…they can be either oil or water based. But regardless of the name, these products all contain three basic ingredients: a binder, a bulking agent, and a solvent” (Understanding 46).

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frontpage “Get Started In Woodworking?” All your expensive tools look intimidating.

Many people ask me how I got started in woodworking and what I would recommend for them to get started. The first question is difficult for me since I’ve been working with wood in one way or another since I was old enough to carry nails and put my dad’s cut-offs in the scrap pile. I highly recommend growing up with someone as talented at the craft as my dad was and being surrounded by large woodworking tools. But if you are not so fortunate, start with just a few handheld power tools and hand tools. I’ve included a basic list of the minimum tools required to start woodworking in this article. You will be restricted to dimensioned lumber with these tools, but even some of the most common hardwoods are easily accessible at most of the box stores around the country. Once you have the tools, purchase “The Complete Book of Woodworking: Step-by-Step Guide to Essential Woodworking Skills, Techniques and Tips.” It is a great basic woodworking book with over 40 different projects—most can be built with the list of tools below. Each set of plans specifically indicates what tools are required to build the project. If you read the details provided in this book, you’ll be building useful furniture projects for your home or gifts as soon as you have all the necessary tools.

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frontpage “My Favorite Wood” Cherry Over Time.

For the last couple of years, I’ve worked primarily with hickory and walnut because those are the woods I’ve chosen for furnishing my cabin, but I truly love cherry. About four years ago I built a pub-style table and chairs. After just a few years it has turned a beautiful deep red color, and it gets prettier every day.

The cherry trees used to build furniture are actually black cherry trees (Prunus serotine). They produce fruit, but it’s pretty bitter. They grow pretty tall (70 feet) compared to the flowering cherry trees that only grow to about 35 feet. The black cherry tree has fine grain with closed pores making it easy to work with (Woodsmith 8). For a hardwood, it is actually pretty soft—it cuts easily. It is second only to oak as the most popular wood furniture manufacturing in the U.S. (Arno “Cherry” 64). It is much easier to work with than oak.

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