Friday, October 30, 2020

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frontpage “New Hand Tools" Veritas and Two Stanleys

Over the past twelve years, I’ve been perfecting my furniture building skills and I think I’ve gotten pretty good at it, but I’ve left out a critical piece of the woodworking experience and perhaps the joy. That’s the use of hand tools. I’ve obviously used some hand tools -- some chisels, a block plane, plenty of sandpaper, and a handsaw now and then, but I’ve never perfected my skills especially with bench plans. I’ve been able to do that because as  Christopher Schwarz says in his book, HandPlane Essentials “Power tools allow the new woodworker to accomplish great feats of furniture building when our skills are limited.” 

It’s come to that point in my woodworking when I’d really like to be proficient with hand tools as well. It all started when I jointed up several large panel pieces in a row. Without the advanced smooth capabilities of a drum sander, I was reduced to the handheld belt sander (very dangerous) and tons and tons of card scraping to get a smooth surface because I didn’t have any skills at bench planes. 


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frontpage “Hickory & Walnut Blanket Chest" Hickory with Walnut Panels

I just completed a new blanket chest based on a design I found in the January/February 2009 edition of "Fine Woodworking." I made every effort to joint together nicely matched boards especially for the walnut panels. I'm a very pleased with how it turned out. 

I built it in the mist of two house moves, so I didn't take photos along the way, but it was a great project. Some of the joinery was a bit of a challenge because of the angles of the legs, but it went together well after I got it all marked out. 

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frontpage “Breadboard Ends" 31 Mar 2019

I just finished a pretty major project with breadboard ends so I did some research. There are a number of ways to create this unique feature for table tops or in my case a kitchen buffet. Breadboard ends aren’t just a cool design feature; turns out they have the added benefit of helping to keep a panel straight--they help prevent glued-up panels from cupping. For my kitchen buffet, I also used some splines (a little Greene and Greene touch) as a feature on my breadboard ends.

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frontpage "Being your Best Woodworker"

When I first started woodworking I got frustrated by my inability to be precise and with that, there were several flaws in my projects. Often they were minor and only I could see them, but they were still there and they could’ve been avoided. In this blog, I’ll provide a few tips I’ve learned to make a good project GREAT.



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